On Cloud One With Dropbox

by Jens Ode on december 11, 2009

Today I got myself a new Netbook. In the old days, a new computer meant a lot of hassle getting files transferred back and forth. Luckily, these are the new days. No more USB sticks, burnt CD’s, floppy discs or magnetic tapes. To get all my important files in place I did only one thing. I installed Dropbox.

Presto, my Netbook is now filled with all those ever-so important documents, files and other stuff that otherwise would be stuck in some other computer. And this is not the best part. The best part is that whenever I change anything in any of those files it is automatically syndicated to my four other computers that I use on daily basis. If one hard disc fails, the files are available on-the-fly from another computer. And when I move from one computer to the other the files are in place and updated.

This cloud service grabs the spot as number one this year. If you haven’t done it yet – get a Dropbox account! As they say, they best things in life are free. And this one will save you a lot of time and headache.


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